June 4, 2017 Man Told Not to be Islamophobic while Hiding from Muslim Terrorists

Man Told Not To Be Islamophobic While Hiding From Muslim Terrorists

Man Told Not to be Islamophobic while Hiding from Muslim TerroristsDuring the London Terror Attack yesterday, a man was told not to be islamophobic while hiding from Muslim terrorists inside a restaurant.

The London Terror Attack comes less than two weeks after the Manchester Bombing. Both attacks were indeed perpetrated by Muslim terrorists. ISIS sympathizers published a specific threat to the United Kingdom days earlier in the Al-Naba newsletter.

The video of the event shows people rushing into a restaurant and taking cover under tables and chairs. Police on the scene yell for everyone to “get down.”

It is unclear whether most people on the scene understand that they are in the middle of yet another Muslim terrorist attack. One man does make the connection and screams “fucking Muslim cunts.”

Another man then chastises him, “Don’t shout that you fucking idiot. It’s not Muslims.”


However, it most certainly was Muslims. Eyewitnesses to attacks reported that the Islamic terrorists screamed “This is for Allah,” while stabbing pedestrians on the London Bridge.