June 4, 2017 London Terror Cell Raid - Women Escorted

London Bridge Aftermath: Local Terror Cell Raided

British police raided a terror cell in London connected to last night’s London Bridge Terror Attack.

Twelve people, including four women, were arrested at the same apartment block where one of the three attackers lived. Shots were fired as police raided the complex this morning in east London.

Today ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement that said the three men were a “squadron of fighters from the Islamic State.” The extent of ISIS involvement with the local terror cell is unknown and the terrorists’ names have not been released to the public.

London Terror Cell Raid - Man Covers His Head
A terror suspect covers his face as he exits the police station
London Terror Cell Raid - Men Handcuffed On Ground
Handcuffed men lying on the ground outside the apartment block
London Terror Cell Raid - Women Escorted
Two women arrested in the raid are escorted out of a police station
London Terror Cell Raid - Forensic Investigator
A forensic investigator at the site of this morning’s raid


Via Daily Mail:

One of the jihadis who terrorised London with two assailants before being shot dead by police tricked his neighbours into believing he was a nice guy by playing football with their children on the nearby green.

Secretly, he was harbouring a destructive hatred and frequently changing his appearance in preparation of unleashing a deadly attack on the capital city during which seven people died and up to 50 were injured last night.

The killer, who MailOnline is not naming because of operational reasons on the request of the police, lived in a block of flats in Barking and also played table tennis with youngsters.

A neighbour told MailOnline the man who was pictured in an Arsenal shirt lying dead on the street outside the Wheatsheaf pub in Borough Market near London Bridge¬†was a father of at least two children. Read more…