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No links (yet) between Dearborn FBI raid and Huma Abedin

The FBI raided a home at 7242 Jonathon Street in Dearborn, Michigan and arrested Samer ElDebek on terrorism charges last Thursday. Internet sources have alleged a connection between the Dearborn FBI raid and Huma Abedin.

7242 Jonathon Avenue Dearborn Michgan 1
7242 Jonathon Street

RightWave Media could not verify any of the allegations or find conclusive evidence of a connection to Huma Abedin.

The Arab American News first reported the name of Samer ElDebek as the man arrested in the FBI raid.

According to the report, ElDebek is a Lebanese-American truck driver who recently spent eight years in Lebanon. He originally lived in New York but resettled to Dearborn ten months ago and is expected to be arraigned tomorrow in New York.


Faulty Reporting

Faulty reporting on an internet blog fueled speculation that the FBI raid was connected with Huma Abedin.

An internet blog called jodyrossel.com misreported that the raid took place at 7246 Jonathon Street. The blog also made an unsubstantiated claim that the house was owned by a shell company run by Huma Abedin’s brother and sister.

The FBI raid actually took place at 7242 Jonathon Street. The actual address was verified from photos and video from news organizations covering the raid.

Available Evidence

What remains unclear is the connection between Samer ElDebek and the house located at 7242 Jonathon Street. Arab American News reported that members of ElDebek’s family were present during the raid, including his wife, two young daughters, and an elderly relative.

Public records do not list anyone with the last name ElDebek as an owner or occupant of the property. It is possible, however, that ElDebek’s recent move to Dearborn could explain the discrepancy. Another possible explanation might be that ElDebek subletted the property from the current renter.

The owner of 7242 Jonathon Street is listed in public records as Adib A Harb. The records show that a family with the last name Bazzi rents the property. Elbdea M Bazzi and Samira M Bazzi are both listed as renters. Other occupants of the property include Mahmoud A Bazzi and Malak F Bazzi.

UPDATE: Ted Cornwell (@TedCornwell) brought it to our attention the property may have been sold to Abdulla Bassam Alshamery on 10/26/16.


Public Property Records for 7242 Jonathon Street Dearborn Michigan

In an apparently unrelated event, a 74-year-old man named Mahmoud Bazzi was deported to Lebanon in 2015. Bazzi was deported on charges of killing two Irish solders who were on a peacekeeping mission in Lebanon more than three decades ago. The man named Mahmoud Bazzi who is listed at 7242 Jonathon Street is in his 30s.

One company was listed as registered at 7242 Jonathon Street. Turbo Investment Group, Inc. was registered at the address in 1987 to Rudolph Giammarco, Jr. The company went defunct in the early 90s. A Rudolph Giammarco, Jr. appears to have registered to vote in Florida in 1995, but appears to be unconnected to Huma Abedin except for the fact that he is registered as a Democrat.

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The public records for the property were accessed via homemetry.com and could be incorrect and out of date.

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