May 30, 2017 German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Trump: Germany Relationship Bad for USA

Today Donald Trump said that the USA’s relationship with Germany is “very bad” for the United States. Trump addressed both military and economic disadvantages to the relationship.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel
German Chancellor Angela Merkel

The tweet comes after last week’s NATO and G7 meetings in Brussels. Reports said that German Chancellor Angela Merkel was “not happy” after the summit.

Of course, Germany’s relationship with the United States is not its only toxic one. Angela Merkel’s “Open Door” migration policy catalyzed the European “migrant crisis” and has wreaked havoc on the entire region.

Via Politico:

Fresh off his first international trip as president, one in which he spent time at two meetings with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, President Donald Trump wrote on Twitter Tuesday that the U.S. relationship with Germany is “very bad for U.S.” and “will change.”

Both Trump and Merkel took part in meetings of NATO and G7 leaders held last week in Brussels and Sicily, respectively. While in Brussels, Trump reportedly told European Union leaders that “the Germans are bad, very bad,” a comment that forced Gary Cohn, the director of the national economic council to explain that the president was unhappy only with the U.S-Germany trade relationship, not the longtime American ally itself.

Tuesday morning, Trump once again went after Germany in a post to Twitter that appeared online before 7 a.m. Read more…

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