May 30, 2017 Alpha Jalloh Mugshot

George Webb Breaks Possible Seth Rich Killer: Alpha Jalloh

Alpha Jalloh Mugshot
Alpha Jalloh Mugshot

Today George Webb released a possible name of Seth Rich’s killer: Alpha Jalloh. He alleges that Alpha Jalloh along with two MS-13 members that Jalloh hired were the hit team that murdered Seth Rich.

According to Webb, Alpha Jalloh was contracted by the Awan brothers to carry out the task.

Webb alleges that the Awan Brothers are the Pakistani House of Representatives IT staffers that are currently under investigation by the DC Capitol Police for the massive cybersecurity breaches and theft of congressional data.

Just last week Debbie Wasserman Schultz threatened the Chief of the DC Capitol Police with “consequences” if he did not return her former staffer’s laptop. That laptop is being held in connection with a case involving massive cybersecurity breaches by a Pakistani IT staffer.

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