May 29, 2017 Seth Rich Wearing American Flag Jumpsuit

Seth Rich Bullet: FBI Special Ammunition?

Yesterday, George Webb and Jason Goodman revealed that their source said the bullet recovered from Seth Rich’s body was special FBI ammunition.

The pair of investigative journalists say that the ammunition would not have been available to the public. If true, this blows the DC Metropolitan Police’s official story out of the water – that Seth Rich’s murder was a (botched) attempted robbery. It would also help explain why the FBI continues to be involved in the case.

Seth Rich Wearing American Flag Jumpsuit
Seth Rich

Goodman and Webb also say that the FBI’s involvement with the case is suspicious to begin with.

They say that the FBI should only be involved if Rich were a federal employee (he wasn’t), if there is an interstate nature to the murder (that runs contrary to the “attempted robbery” story given by the DC Metropolitan Police), or on a temporary basis to assist the local police force with sophisticated forensics.

Today, the FBI is still involved and continues to hold Seth Rich’s laptop as “evidence.”

George Webb’s journalism centers around the Clinton Foundation. His current work is an outgrowth of his series Where is Eric Braverman? In that series, Webb investigates the Clinton foundation’s involvement in Haiti, Libya, and Syria. The series began after former Clinton Foundation CEO Eric Braverman resigned and disappeared from public view.

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