May 28, 2017 8 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Thinks She Lost The Election

8 Delusional Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Thinks She Lost

Hillary Clinton’s delusions have gone into overdrive in the aftermath of the election.

New York Magazine met with Hillary Clinton and published a video of 8 delusional reasons why she thinks she lost the election. It’s gold. Absolutely terrible, but gold nevertheless.

So we made our own (even better (worse?)) video breaking down each insane reason:

Let’s take each of the eight reasons one by one.

#1: Hillary Clinton Herself

I was the candidate, I was the person who was on the ballot. I am very aware of the challenges, the problems, the shortfalls we had.


That’s right, the first reason she gives is herself. This would be the only glimmer of rational thought on this list if it were actually genuine.

However, it’s a non-reason she gives at first just to give off the vibe that she’s down-to-earth.

She doesn’t actually admit any fault or list a reason why she herself was unfit. This is just another example of Clinton trying to manipulate the framing before inadvertently revealing her true nature.

This is classic Clinton, whose every public move is scripted down to the pauses. The first persona she tried when she launched her 2016 campaign was that of a “kind old grandma.”

In reality, her natural state is so far from any of her public shells that she’s made countless public blunders as she fails to project her carefully crafted image. Like robotically reading the stage direction “sigh” at a rally. Like flying into uncontrollable fits of rage at her staffers. Or like being in such a drunken state of delusion the night of the election she couldn’t even appear on stage to concede until she sobered up.

Hillary Clinton doesn’t believe she was one of the reasons she lost. She just wants you to think she believes it so you think she’s humble. (She’s not.)

#2 Russian Interference

It was an attack by an aggressive adversary who had been probing for many years to figure out how to undermine our democracy, influence our politics, even our elections.

Simpsons Russians Did It

There has never been one shred of hard evidence presented to support the claim that Russians interfered in the election. The only “evidence” available is squishy, vague testimony given by Deep State officials with nothing tangible presented to Congress to back any of it up. No server logs, no software fingerprints. It’s not like anyone’s ever lied under oath before or anything.

In actual fact, there is growing evidence that the DNC itself created the Guccifer 2.0 persona in 2016 in order to start the fake Russian narrative. Why would they do that? For political convenience and – if the Seth Rich theory is true – to cover up the vigilante justice the DNC dealt to the insider who actually leaked the documents.

#3: The Wikileaks E-mails

“[I] underestimated WikilLeaks and the impact that had, because I thought it was so silly.” [emphasis original] Those hacked emails, dripped out over weeks, says Clinton, “were innocuous, boring, inconsequential.”

Hillary Wikileaks Cartoon

This reason is one of the most delusional on the whole list. To fully understand why, let’s take a step back.

Thanks in part to an insider source, Wikileaks dumped thousands upon thousands of dead true, unadulterated e-mails from Clinton, Podesta, and the much of their and the DNC’s inner circle. This was the most powerful of powerful players in the Clinton corporation in their own words: scheming, making sick innuendo that suggests child abuse, and accepting money in exchange for political influence, i.e. Pay for Play.

Even Clinton indirectly admits they’re true in the quote above. She says, “those hacked e-mails,” not “those fake e-mails.” She goes so far as to downplay their significance, but not their veracity, “so silly … innocuous, boring, inconsequential.”

If they were so inconsequential, why were they such a problem for you, ex-Secretary Clinton? Oh, that’s right, because they weren’t innocuous at all.

Clinton wants you to doublethink here.

The entire reason for this list is to garner sympathy from the public, probably so that public support for prosecuting her and investigating her Foundation goes down. But here Clinton actually wants you to feel sorry for her that the mean, mean “alt-right” used her own words against her. She simultaneously wants you to feel bad for her for how bad the e-mails were, but not really believe they were bad. (They were.)

#4: James Comey’s “October Surprise”

If the election had been on October 27, I’d be your president.

Hillary Clinton: I Did Not Send Classified Information

Here Clinton’s doubling down on the e-mail doublethink. This is Clinton duping delight at its finest.

Let us rephrase her quote for you, “If I hadn’t been (re)implicated in federal crimes involving conspiracy and child abuse, or if only it happened a few weeks later, I would have been able to dupe the American people into thinking I’m a good person and fit to be president.”

According to Clinton, it’s Comey’s fault for catching her in the crimes that she was caught in. How dare he have the audacity to investigate evidence involving her?

Clinton has been above the law for so long that she can’t fathom being caught. That’s why the Clintons have been playing it faster and looser with every year that goes by. Until they were (almost) caught in 2016.

Any normal person would drop off the face of the Earth if they had a brush with the law as close as Hillary did. Like Obama did when he fled to the South Pacific after we started to figure out he was illegally wiretapping private citizens, including Trump.

Not Hillary. Hillary Clinton is much more delusional.

#5: Donald Trump’s Politics of Anger

“Part of what my opponent did, which was brilliant,” she says, “was blow the top off: You can say whatever you want about anybody else, and I’ll tell you who to be against. I’ll tell you who to be resentful of.” The stories her campaign tried to tell, she says, “were boring in comparison to the energy behind malicious nostalgia.” [emphasis original]

The American people have a right to be angry about the country being sold out to the highest bidder.

Regardless, there’s no angrier person in politics than Hillary Clinton. Between flying off at the handle at her staffers and drinking herself into drunken rages, we think the Don’s tough talk pretty much pales in comparison.

And for the record, we’re still angry that you’re not in prison yet.

#6: Voter Suppression

“Whoever comes next, this is not going to end. Republicans learned that if you suppress votes you win.”

Voter ID Sign

This is where Hillary finally remembers to pull out her copy of Rules for Radicals. This is straight out of Saul Alinsky’s handbook for agitators and Leftist culture jammers.

The Left has been engaging in voter fraud on a massive, institutional scale for decades.

And the only reason Leftists ever give for alleged right-wing “voter suppression” is that most on the right want to require ID to vote.

Leftists apparently believe that blacks, Hispanics, and other minorities are Just Too Goddamn Stupid to find their nearest DMV. Never mind that you need ID to get a cell phone, TV, and – drumroll – welfare.

Most on the right also think that only US citizens should vote in US elections. That doesn’t suit globalist Machiavellian types like Clinton, who would rather flood countries with non-citizens in order to destabilize them and grab power in the process. Just look at the “migrant crisis” in Europe.

#7: Media Bias

Look, we have an advocacy press on the right. They have a mission… to advocate a set of policies that are in their interests, their commercial, corporate, religious interests. Because the advocacy media occupies the right, and the center needs to be focused on providing as much accurate information as possible. Not both-sides-ism and not false equivalency.

Clinton News Network

Insert raucous laughter here.

This is nothing more than Clinton saying “I know you are but what am I?” The same Alinsky tactics as before.

#8: Old Fashioned Sexism

Once I moved from servicing someone – a man, the president – to seeking that job on my own, I was once again vulnerable to the barrage of innuendo and negativity and attacks that come with the territory of a woman who is striving to go further.

Republican and Democrat Gender Split Since 1972

This, from a woman who defended the rapist of a 9 year old girl as a young lawyer. Then laughed about it. On tape.

This, from a woman who was in charge of the “Bimbo Eruption Squad” as the First Lady. Its task? Systematically slander and gaslight Bill Clinton’s rape and sex abuse victims in the media.

Clinton weaponized sexism during the election with, “The future is female.”

Slate magazine proclaimed that (white) women “sold out the sisterhood” by Voting for Trump.

But, in reality – far away from where Hillary Clinton lives – the gender split between Republican and Democrat was nearly identical to the 2000 election between Bush and Gore.

Republican and Democrat Gender Split Since 1972 (via Pew Research)

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